He told me to leave so I left. Said he was done so I filed. Wanted me back so he changed the locks. But he loves me so when I ask he says, “That wasn’t what I meant.”


Super virus

Day Seven

What began as a flu has morphed into a standard cold. Yet – what can one deem as “standard” in this age of super viruses? But I digress. My socks are sticky with cough syrup, tea bags are strewn across countertops, and the garbage is heavy with tissue bombs. I do not know yet if this is evidence of a successful or failed mission.

I have emerged from the bunker of my sick nest for momentary gulps of fresh air. I delight in the fact that the weather has agreed with my status and the sky has stayed interminably grey. I believe it has begun to rain.

Having come this far, I am nearing the end of free Hulu documentaries of the kind I would watch. I subscribed to several YouTube channels. Alas. It hurts to laugh. I await my turn at Scrabble.

If you are reading this, please know I have heeded your advice to “drink plenty of liquids” and “rest.” I am currently at work on that list of things that begins with, “When I am well again, I will dot dot dot.”

With a roll of toilet paper by my side, a water glass waiting to be refilled, and a cup of tea – I soldier on.

I take great comfort in those who have come before me and survived.

Trifecta’s Three Word New Year’s Resolution Collection

Just do better. Mommy Dourest

See the mountains. Hypothetically Writing

Make God first. Joe Owens

Bring it on. Mandy Blake

To bloom bravely. Thin Spiral Notebook

Make 2014 supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Bjorn Rudberg

Put those back! The Wizard’s Word

I Shall Be. The Chalk Hill’s Journal

Live life lovingly. PurpleMoose Gazette

Amplify Myself Everyway. Thinkerscap

Love this life. Kirsten Piccini

Do my Best. Writing to be Noticed

Don’t Stress About Rules. From Here to There

Find Your Voice. My Words Are Alive

Laugh Away Fear. Whimsy Gizmo

See the good. The Word Pirate

Take that leap. An Honest Day or Two

Live Authentically, Love. Some Perspectacles

Enjoy life together. Liquid Poet

Learn, not dwell. Janna T Writes

Publish my book! The Bloody Munchkin

Resolved: Happy, Healthy. Not Just Another Mother Blogger

No Impossible Resolutions. The Cheese Whines

Kiss a Dimwit. Shannon City

Accelerate through curves. Red’s Wrap

Work hard, smarter. My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

Live. Connect. Grow. The Pigments of Life

Believe in Me. My Thoughts on the Subject are as Follows

Finish my novel. martha0stout

Tilt at windmills. Words on a Page

consume breathe produce. Chamblee54

Crush pitiful rebellion. Joe2Stories

Write More Words. Chris White Writes

Respect Others’ Truth. Going for coffee…

Engage your dreams. humanTriumphant

Find my place. Elsetime & Otherwhen

Write every day. Trudging Through Fog

Create Enjoy Rest. As the Romans Do

Invite intelligent intimacy. Momosapien

I can change. Day In and Day Out

Shed & Fly. consciouscacophony

Leave Something Behind. Breathing Space

Wear many hats. A Journey Called Life

Cheerfulness in adversity. Vivinfrance

Drink less alcohol. Blog of the imaginator

Be your best. Don’t give up. The Syllabub Sea

Remember to breathe. My Constant Thoughts

Weed the manure. Better Lies

Let expectations go. Sempsie Jewellry

Cut cheese thinner. About the rest

Don’t give up. Danny James

1. rule the world! Quest for Whirled Peas

Keep the faith. Anne Chia

Break the rules! Short Stories

Release Relax Renovate. Quick Stepp

Book your losses. Yarnspinnerr

I am worthy. Oh Pithy Me

Find myself again. She Whose Name Shall be a Blog

Selflessness, Forgiveness, Compassion. tinypurpleme

Come from gratitude. injaynesworld

Make the time. s.j. paige

Fat don’t fly. Angieinspired

Oops, next please. So much to choose from

Read. Write. Love. The Swords of the Ancients

Shared wise words. Creative Writing

Just keep trying. Writing in the margins, Bursting at the seams

Laugh even more! The Giggling Truckers Wife Writes

Live with might. Saucy Wench’s Words

To really live. Don’t Panic?!

Shepherd my flock. Cobbie’s World

Drink, Screw, Write. Trailertrashdeluxe

Intentions carried forward. Container Chronicle

Last year’s ones. imabookworm

Smile, in pain. Shadows of the Divine

Care for others. Musings of a Soul Eclectic

Believe in myself. High Five and Raspberries

Live life fully. Flippa Bird

Direction. Not dates. Whispering Thoughts

Character, calling, accomplishment. Charles W. Short

Never give up. Geetanjalee RKA’s blog

Make new mistakes. Getting Nowhere Fast

!BRAVE AS ONE! Katie Mia Frederick

Manifest my dreams. Apoplectic Apostrophe

Make it count. Girl in Jammies

Order more takeout. Empty the well

This time, change. Dunce Academy

Procreate. Publish. Participate. As the forest bird flies

Artistically improve myself. unaware but underlined

Do the work. Fictional Fool

Leave the dishes. The Flunked Adjunct

be well love. Black and Gray

Shine on courageously. Simply Charming 

Expect the best. me

This is the collection of all of this week’s entries for Trifextra’s Week Ninety-Nine’s Three Word New Year’s Resolution Challenge. The challenge was based on Michael Ness’ Just Be Nice.

2013 was a difficult and painful year for me and it’s not over yet. I found so much hope and strength in all the entries. Once I started reading them, I wanted to remember them all. So I gave myself this assignment. It proved a very cathartic way to spend the day writing out everyone’s resolution, their blog name, and linking it up. I feel like I got to know everyone a little bit and made me grateful that I joined this community a few months back.

What I found interesting was how nothing repeated itself. There are variations on themes (more writing, focusing on self, doing better) but everyone had their unique interpretation. It also struck me just how meaningful each of these is to each writer. A lot of bloggers offered their backstory – and even drafts – of how they came to their final three words which is even more powerful.

These all make lovely koans and I hope that by collecting them all in one place, we can see just how connected we all are – that our struggles and hopes run along parallel lines, that we are all trying to be better people in our own way, and that moving into a new year is as meaningful as we want it to be.

Happy New Year!

Polish these off…

“Just remember, life is like a box of chocolates.” … “You know, they’ve got these chocolate assortments, and you like some but you don’t like others? And you eat all the ones you don’t like as much? I always think about that when something painful comes up. ‘Now just polish these off, and everything’ll be OK.’ Life is a box of chocolates.”


Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

A Sighting

“I found the tracks in the deep snow between the trees. That was the first sign something wasn’t right.”

It was Keith’s twelfth season doing backcountry Pro Patrol on Mount Baker. The second day the lifts were open, a group of Canadians went down the backside of Baker for more pristine powder. Now two of them were gone and the rest of the group was hospitalized. Keith had spent the day at Providence trying to get their stories but none of them would talk.

“The first sign?”

Doug was a few years younger than Keith. Fresh off his rookie years with Washington State Patrol, it was his first season assigned to the ski area. He was annoyed he had to drive an hour south to Everett to meet up with Keith at the hospital.

“Normally there are wells around the trees. Branches break the snow from falling around the trunk so you end up with these pockets. When trees are close together the pockets basically join up. There shouldn’t have been any snow, much less deep snow, where they disappeared,” Keith explained.

Doug nodded and jotted some notes down.

“Ski tracks, right?” Doug asked.

“Not exactly,” Keith replied slowly.

“No, no, no, no,” Doug said and shook his head.

“No way in hell am I investigating a Yeti sighting,” Doug said.

Keith shrugged. It’d taken him a decade to believe Yetis made their home in the Cascades. He still felt a little dumb about it but the past two years had convinced him beyond a doubt.

“The fact that none of the rescued party is talking is the second sign,” Keith said.

“They’re in shock. Happens,” Doug said and flipped his notebook to a new page.

“No. They’re embarrassed. I know. I’ve been there. I don’t expect to get anything out of them for another month or so. Someone will get drunk at a party and start talking,” Keith said.

Doug turned his back to Keith and studied a framed print on the wall. Several moments passed before Keith peered over Doug’s shoulder to see what held his attention. A banquet scene with fancy ladies and guys in tights. A man in a pink robe offered a plate of oranges to a woman with a very long ponytail. Probably something Catholic.

“Hunh. I just noticed the falcon. Or is it a hawk?” Doug leaned in closer.

Keith turned to leave the waiting room.

“And the third sign, Sherlock?” Doug asked.

Keith laughed.

“I know, I know. Yetis. Ridiculous. Believe me, I held out as long as I could but it was either Yetis or aliens or something else. I’m going with Yetis,” Keith said.

Doug coughed to cover up a laugh. He nodded at Keith to continue.

“The third sign – and it’s the same with the disappearances the past two years – is one male and one female goes missing. All of them were – or are – twenty-one years old. And it’s usually their idea to go off the groomed trails.”

“Darwinism,” Doug muttered under his breath.

“What’s that?” Keith asked.

“I’d say that’s coincidence more than a pattern. I’m sure you used to go off trail all the time,” Doug said.

“Yeah but I also had a family that’d wonder where I was if I went missing. Nobody asks about these kids,” Keith said.

“We could have started with that,” Doug snapped at Keith.

Doug glanced over his notes.

“So let me see if I can put this together. The deep snow between the trees is some kind of Yeti snow fort. The kids are Yetis who walk among us then round up their pals for a ski trip. After introductions are made, they rejoin their Yeti family. Then there’s a new crop of Yeti believers to keep the dream alive?”

“Uhhhh. Something like that. I guess?” Keith replied.

“Then why am I standing in a hospital? How’d the others get hurt?” Doug asked.

“Self-sustained injuries. Slipping and falling when they were trying to get out of there.”

“Right,” Doug said and snapped his notebook shut.

Doug pulled a card from his breast pocket and handed it to Keith.

“If you think of anything else, please, give me a call,” Doug told him and left.

Keith studied the print on the wall.

“It’s a hawk. Anyone can see that.”


This week’s Yeah Write Speakeasy Challenge